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The Bagghi Tower

The Bagghi Tower is situated in the Bucalo quarter, along the Sparagonà street, below the railway bridge: it is a square based tower with two elevations separated by a blind vault, so that one could get into the upper floor by using an embankment, still partly visible on the Western side of it. The outer part is in very bad conditions because of time and weather, while inside some of the flooring is still visible in the corners.

According to the historian Santo Lombardo, it was built in 1506 by Pietro Trimarchi, a rich man from Savoca, who wanted protection against the pirates. The name (Bagghi means Courtyards) is due to the presence of vast courtyards all around the tower, when Sparagonà street still didn’t exist, which separated the tower from other palaces and farmhouses. The tower was owned by many noble people in the course of the centuries, like Angelo Caminiti (1781-1855), one of those who let Marina di Savoca be an independent municipality, who, it is said, lived in a nearby palace, which no longer exists: this was destroyed on the 30th of March 1849 by the Bourbons, who bombed the area and seriously damaged the tower itself. The tower now belongs to the Pagliuca family from Scaletta Zanclea.

Photo: The Bagghi Tower Photo: The Bagghi Tower Photo: The Bagghi Tower