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Santa Teresa di Riva owns a historical-architectural patrimony of some importance. In particular, in its territory some XVI Century sighting towers can still be found:

  • the Saracen Tower
  • the “Bagghi” Tower
  • the Catalmo Tower

There are also nobiliary buildings and villas, dating back to the second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX Century:

  • Villa of the Carrozza Marquis
  • Villa Crisafulli-Mondio
  • Palazzo Caminiti
  • Palazzo D'Alcontres - Ilardi
  • Palazzo Mastroieni - LoGiudice
  • Palazzo Pinto
  • Villino Pelleri
  • Villino Zappalà
  • Palazzina Citrica - Atelana

    The sea-promenade of Santa Teresa di Riva is considered an “artistic promenade”, which offers not only the vision of beautiful landscapes and colours of the sea and the Calabrian coast, but host also the modern stainless steel sculptures realized by the artist Nino Ucchino:

  • The Mermaid
  • “Galassiopea”
  • The “Boccavento”
  • In different parts of the town other works of art can be admired:

  • The Warrior
  • The Fisherman
  • The Madonna Stele
  • Rural World
  • War Memorial
  • Mural Paintings: the “Colapesce”, the Madonna of the Fishermen, the Rape of the Sabine women.