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The San Vito Church

It is traditionally believed that this Church has been built in 1706 by Girolamo Conte from Roccalumera, even if the date is not historically documented.

The high altar, made out of polychromic marble, has been placed bt S. Seminara in 1898 (the date is engraved on it). Then, around the year 1911, the inhabitants of Misserio have started some works in order to enlarge the church itself; with the new project executed by Giuseppe Di Natale from Casalvecchio Siculo in the years 1955-56, the church assumed its current aspect, and in 1968 the interiors have been restored.

In 2003, during some extra restoring works programmed by the Regional Architectural Goods Superintendence, some tombs and mummification devices have been brought to light, which should be dating back to the Middle Ages. These findings can be admired in the church itself, together with some modern paintings by Nino Ucchino, an artist from Santa Teresa, realized between the years 1980-1983.

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Carmelo Mantarro
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