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The Sacred Family Church

Built in 1903, it was elected parish Church in 1945; it had that far belonged to the Madonna del Carmelo jurisdiction. The Sacred Family Church is located in the middle part of the town: it has one nave and many noticeable works of art, like the huge wooden Crucifix in the apse, which originally belonged to the S. Maria Assunta Church in Nizza di Sicilia, the high altar made out of polychromic marble and the Holy Sacrament lateral altar, both in Baroque style; above this a picture representing the wedding at Cana painted by Giuseppe Bonarrigo, a painter from Santa Teresa, has recently been placed and blessed. On the fašade there is a stained-glass window representing the Sacred Family.

The new sacristy has been recently provided with six oil-portraits of the priests who have served in the Church, realized by Simona Spadaro, an artist from Santa Teresa who has also painted the image of the Madonna of Life which is in the small square on the side of the church itself. The parish is very active in organizing charity initiatives, like the building of water wells in Ethiopia in 2008 thanks to the commitment of the people.

Photo: The Sacred Family Church
Massimo Briguglio
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